Oat milk recipe

Self-produced oat milk is delicious and healthy, free of preservatives, rich in soluble fiber and proteins. “The best days are those that start with someone asking you: tea or oat milk?” Serena

Chapati Recipe

Chapati is a type of bread typical of Indian cuisine…and mine! In my house it never fails, for breakfast with jam, for a snack, for lunch and dinner to accompany the food and why not…to clean up the dishes! “Rule number one: if it’s not round, don’t cook it.” Serena

Vegan orange and chocolate cake

The vegan orange and chocolate cake is fragrant with a very delicate flavour. Furthermore, the match with buckwheat flour makes it perfectly rustic! “If eating the vegan orange and chocolate cake is wrong….then I don’t want to be right” Vegan sweet recipes for breakfast Serena

Vegan apple cake

Vegan apple cake is just good. This low-sugar recipe allows you to better enjoy the sweet taste of apples. “After a piece of vegan apple cake for breakfast, you can decide to change the world or you can eat another piece.” Vegan sweet recipes for breakfast Serena

Vegan pear and chocolate cake

The vegan pear and chocolate cake is something delicious! The sweet flavour of the pears, the bitter taste of chocolate, the smoothness and the sensation of having tasted the best of praline chocolate. “Life is too short to say no to vegan pear and chocolate cake.” Here you can find the other Vegan sweet recipes…

Vegan chocolate cookies

Vegan chocolate cookies are perfect for breakfast but even better to combine afternoon tea. With their intense taste they’ll make you fell good! “Vegan chocolate cookies make the world a better place!” Here you can find the other Vegan Sweet Recipes for Breakfast Serena

Vegan apple plum cake

The vegan apple plum cake is soft as only apples can make it. A classic and always perfect cake for breakfast. “There are some days when breakfast seems the only thing worth getting up for. And the vegan apple plum cake is the only reason why you do it!” Here you can find more vegan…

Vegan chocolate muffins

The vegan chocolate muffins are soft, awesome and heady from the first bite. “Every morning a gazelle wakes up and wonders why the hell the lion doesn’t have breakfast with a nice vegan chocolate muffin…” This is the second recipe that we publish on the blog of the B&B Costiera dei Cech, the others can…