To read before contacting us and booking.


Important information to read before contacting us and booking.


  • Bed and Breakfast = sleeping accommodation and a meal in the morning;
  • A Bed & Breakfast IS NOT: a holiday home, an apartment, an hotel, a restaurant, an holiday farm (read agriturismo), a mountain hut (read rifugio);
  • Not kitchen;
  • It is forbidden cooking or heating food by using stove and own equipment, inside the B&B area, in the rooms, in the breakfast area and in the garden;
  • The owners live in the same house;
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring other people inside the B&B, in the rooms, in the breakfast area and in the garden. THIS THING IS VERY IMPORTANT;
  • Upon the Check-in all guests have to provide a valid identity document (not photocopies), which will be used for communication to the State Police Accommodation Service. The provision of data is mandatory and doesn’t require the guest’s consent, indeed, in case of refusal to provide them, the owner can not accept the overnight stay request;
  • All guests must be present at Check-in;
  • The reservation is valid only after the owner has sent the confirmation email (contract) and its acceptance by the guest;
  • Deposit payment required for all bookings;
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside and outside the B&B;
  • It is forbidden to use any electrical appliances brought with you, with the exception of the electric shaver and battery charges for smartphones, tablets and computer, which must never remain unguarded and/or connected beyond the time of normal use;
  • It is forbidden to wash their clothes or other and/or to iron;
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to check the location of the B&B. In general: WE ARE IN CIVO, Val di Mello is 20 minutes by car, Morbegno 15 minutes, Como lake 40 minutes;
  • The B&B has video surveillance for security purposes and respecting privacy;
  • In general, all behaviours that are not normally accepted by civil laws on coexistence, quiet living, respect for others and environment are to be considered prohibited;
  • Failure to comply with the Regulation and further provisions by the host may result in removal of the person concerned from the property and related reporting to Public Authorities;

At the time of booking all the above items are considered to have been viewed and accepted.

Copy and paste, in the booking email, a section of the above text, to confirm us that you have read these important information.

Something more:

The items listed above are very important and we hope all guests will take some time to read them.

We would like to clarify that this isn’t a simple list of prohibitions dictated by the personal needs of the host but extract of Regulation and laws on hygiene, safety, decorum and the quiet living, that inevitably, in a family environment such as that of the B&B Costiera dei Cech, must absolutely be taken into consideration and respected.

In addition:

  • The Breakfast we offer in the morning is exclusively vegan;
  • Rates: € 77,00 double room, € 65,00 single room;
  • Additional beds: € 36,00 adult, € 20,00 3 to 10 years, € 5,00 0 to 2 years. It’s understood that the stay is in the same room as the parents;
  • Check-in 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. – Check-out 10 a.m. ;
  • There isn’t television;
  • Pets are not allowed;
  • During their stay, Guests are kindly requested to contribute to the protection of the environment by making rational use of water and electricity, preventing leaving taps open and lights on beyond the time of normal use. It is also important to remove the charges of smartphones, tablets, computer and more from the power sockets if you are not using them.

The above list is not complete and we reserve the right to modify and supplement it any time without any other communication from us.

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Thank you for your attention and for your time,
Serena and Alessandro

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