Wild harvests of late autumn.


Wild harvests of late autumn: walnuts, mushrooms, acorns, rose hip and barberry.

Walnuts keep themselves until late spring if dried outdoors for a few weeks. I use them to make cheese, the one without the employ of cows, I mean!

Honey fungus
They usually pop up two time in October, strictly following the moon’s suggests.

Everyone wanted to know why I was collecting acorns. I didn’t feel like telling the truth so I had to invent that I had a pig to feed at home! Apparently, not everyone in Valtellina know that…

Rose hip
Berries with a thousand of properties and uses. Beautiful to look.

Forgotten and little known autumn fruits that should be harvested only at the right time.


By Serena Dalan

Mi piace viaggiare, camminare, leggere e cucinare dolci. No carne, solo vegetali. --- I like travelling, walking, reading and cooking cakes. No meat, just veggies.