5 glimpses of Spring on the Costiera dei Cech


5 glimpses of Spring on the Costiera dei Cech, “caught” between a downpour and a storm!

I don’t find happiness under rainbows, but I find it by looking at them.
However, for the more adventurous, happiness lies behind the rainbow, after the unicorns, next to the Little Pony!

A glimpse from the Costiera dei Cech towards the Orobie.
Dandelion’s flowers, green grass, mountain tops still snow covered, chubby clouds and a thunderstorm that mumbles behind me. So, this is Spring!

Plants, animals and bugs follow the rhythm of nature and the seasons.
…and they don’t care that the whole is dry or wet.

The Caspano church’s colonnade.
Just another simple shelter on the Costiera dei Cech, waiting for the thunderstorm of 15 p.m.

Not all rain comes to harm (adaptation).
Message: …and if you can’t understand all the beauty around you, kneel down, rather lie down on your stomach and look better.


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By Serena Dalan

Mi piace viaggiare, camminare, leggere e cucinare dolci. No carne, solo vegetali. --- I like travelling, walking, reading and cooking cakes. No meat, just veggies.