Salamanders, mushrooms and walnuts. 4 autumn pictures.


Autumn has arrived and has brought with it the usual lazy salamanders, some mushrooms, walnuts and chestnuts.

In my opinion autumn begins when the leaves become the same colour as the salamanders that are slow, lazy and coloured like an autumn day.

Last of the season, maybe!

As if they had waited for the signal, to enter the scene, the wonderful mushrooms appear on every side; here is the mysterious and magnificent mushroom’s population, pink, red, blue, violet-mauve, green, yellow, violet, dark grey, light grey, pure white, cream-white. The splendid and attractive mushrooms: precious as chalices, deadly as poisoned cups. (Marcel Roland).

The stag’s bellow in some distant wood, the cowbells of the cows that have come down from the mountain pastures and the sound of walnuts and chestnuts falling from the trees, are the perfect soundtrack of autumn.


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By Serena Dalan

Mi piace viaggiare, camminare, leggere e cucinare dolci. No carne, solo vegetali. --- I like travelling, walking, reading and cooking cakes. No meat, just veggies.