Hike Croce di Ledino


The hike to Croce di Ledino is an interesting and original hike. The view from the summit is extraordinary, it extends over the whole Costiera dei Cech and low Valtellina.


  • Elevation gain: 1000 m.
  • Hiking time: 3 hours
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Max Elevation: 2093 m.
  • Trail: n° 22 until Pesc, then foot prints

Trekking is an inherently dangerous activity. The hike here described can be a dangerous activity if faced without the right preparation. Mountain conditions can be very dramatically from one season to the next. Always seek local advice on current conditions, check the weather and don’t take anything for granted.

The author accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss, injury or inconvenience resulting from the use of this blog.

Starting point:
Poira of Civo.
Drive the road that from Morbegno leads to Poira of Civo, passing first to the villages of Dazio and Serone. When you arrive at the crossroads of Chempo’s village, turn left, after a few meters you’ll see on the right the B&B Costiera dei Cech ;-), continue straight (3 km) until the end of the road. Good parking area.

Trail description:
From the parking area follow the signs to Ledino (you have the football field on your left) and walk on the dirt road that leads to the holiday farm (read Agriturismo) “Cascina da Piero” (30 minutes).
Now continue straight 100 m. until you’ll see on the left the sign to Pesc. The trail climbs through a steep forest leading a trail junction. Turn left and continue until you’ll reach the dirt road (fire break). Follow, a few meters,the dirt road on the left (westbound), trying to locate the rock before-written “Croce” to the right.
The trail climbs gently up Pesc (1616 m.), where you can find 2 old alpine cottages used by pastors.
This is a very nice and relaxing place similar to other popular spots around the Alps but practically known only by locals.
Pesc is the toponym of Valtellina used to indicate pine trees and fir trees.

From here begins the most challenging part of the path that leads to the Croce di Ledino. The trail goes up North, pointing to 3 large pines. Follow the trail that climbs to the left and continue through the forest in a slight climb to the West.
The trail reaches a junction, follow the trail to the Croce di Roncaglia, calls Croce di Ledino.

The trail climbs to a steep forest and then levels out on the meadows. From here you can see the Cruise that you’ll reach climbing through steep slopes with grass and rocks.
Easy but often you’ll loose the foots, try to choose the best walk up.

Baita del Giogo

The trail crosses the remains of Baita del Giogo, 1914 m., it holds an obscure and interesting local legend.
Before long, the trail reaches the summit and the Croce di Ledino, 2093 m. offering awesome viewpoints.

Along the same trail.

Recommended Map: Kompass n°92
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By Serena Dalan

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