Expo 2015


Expo 2015, seen from my little village in the mountains of Lombardia.

A question that people make me in the last period is: “What are you doing for the Expo 2015?”
Now I’ve learned, I maintain a professional tone and replay with a generic: “will be a great opportunity”.

Expo 2015

In my heart, however, I’m very doubtful in this regard, and dispite the website operators and tour operators push so that I invest money in promotions and packages, can not figure out what it might do the Expo 2015 for me.

I start from the beginning:

What is Expo 2015?
Surely it will not be a fair with banquets and where you can taste typical products like many people expect, that’s sure, but a kind of world conference where we will talk about feed, sustainable technologies in the food and the right of every human being to feed themselves in safe and sufficient.

Where and When will be held?
In Milan from May the 1st to October the 31st, 2015.

Who is this event for?
Good question! If someone can give me an answer I would be greatful.

How much tourism will lead in Chempo :-) ?
This question is directly related to the previous one, it depends on what type of visitors will be able to attract the Expo 2015. In my opinion, if they will be people who work in the food, the only ones who will benefit will be hotels and restaurants in Milan. If they will be, as it is said, or want us to believe so, international tourists, then this same people, will travel in Italy and why not also in Valtellina, but I think they will interested in the most important tourist centres.

At the end, I may have found, just today, an answer at question “what are you doing for Expo 2015?”:


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